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Long PELI Cases

Pelican CASES or PELI CASES designed for the safe and reliable transportation of elongated objects such as firearms, hunting equipment (shotguns, rifles), tripods, musical instruments such as electric guitars and basses, as well as other electronic elements of unusual shapes.

Peli waterproof cases elongated offer maximum protection and durability for your longer and more valuable belongings. Constructed from premium materials and designed to withstand extreme conditions, these suitcases are the preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts who need a safe and reliable transportation solution.

Our collection includes Peli professional cases with specialized options to meet your specific needs. Do you need a practical and comfortable transportation solution? Explore our Peli cases with trolley wheels, designed to facilitate the movement of long objects in airports or difficult terrain.

In addition, they offer the option of including foam in its interior. This unique feature allows you to customize protection for your long items, ensuring a perfect fit that protects against knocks, impacts and sudden movements during transport.

Trust the unmatched quality of Peli long cases to guarantee the security and integrity of your most valuable belongings. Discover the perfect combination of waterproof protection, practicality and customization in each of our options.

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