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Custom Flight Case Foam

Custom foam for Flight Cases and Cases

Some work made with foam in protective cases and Flight Cases

Tool Cases with Custom foam

Custom foam tool case

Case for electronic equipment with custom foam

Case for measuring equipment with molded foam

Display products with custom cases

Product Display Flight Cases

Projector protector case

Projector carrying foam case

Electric guitar case

Electric guitar case

Engine Flight Case

Flight Cases for engine parts

Machinery trunk

Machinery trunk

Firearms case

Gun case

Engine Flight Case

Hard case for photographic equipment

Drone cases. Protective case for drone

Drone cases

Protective case for objectives

Protective case for objectives

  • Custom foam for cases and flight cases

  • Custom foam for any case

  • Foam cut to size to protect the most fragile equipment

  • Antibacterial foam to protect equipment in humid environments

  • Anti-static foam to protect electronic equipment

  • We provide a vast selection of waterproof hard cases incorporating a custom foam insert

Die Cut Foam Parts

Custom Foam Inserts

Foam Coat to any size

If you need to know more about the waterproof case and the bespoke flight case do not hesitate to get in touch with us at GIRET Flight Case.

You can contact us on +34 96 111 80 15 or email us at contacto@giretcase.com

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